The Academy for Storytelling

During their year-long cooperation, Marco Holmer and Raymond den Boestert always happily sought after cooperation with other teachers. Initially this happened within the ‘Vertelcollectief’ and it was continued during story weekends organised on the island of Terschelling. They had an intensive collaboration with music-, voice-, mime-, clown- and dance-teachers. This way they realized a unique cross-pollination.
In the summer of 2004 a long term exchange started, to bring about a standard for the elementary- and continuation-course. Immediately during the first gathering a dream came into existence;  the establishment of a storytelling college. For two years information exchange took place within the team, and the contents of the courses where discussed. The teachers used each other as a study object to explore new visions.
During summer 2006 the decision was made to unite strengths and refine and replenish the existing courses.
The Storytelling Academy was a fact!


The following teachers are involved with the Storytelling Academy; Raymond den Boestert, Marco Holmer, Mia Verbeelen, Pauline Seebregts, Erik van Dort, Isabelle Desegher, Walter Roozendaal, Ronald Naar, René Hildesheim and Wouter Eizenga.


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